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Top 5 hidden meanings in the Chargur Logo

The Chargur logo was developed to have a range of meanings (some hidden and others obvious) we love these little cryptic messages or "Easter Eggs". Here are 5 you might not have noticed.

1. Sting Ray

The design of our cable protectors are in part inspired by a stingray, particularly the Short-tail Stingray that inhabits the areas around Melbourne in Port Philip Bay, it has a stable body and a tail and is one of the largest stingrays in the world. 


2. On & off symbol

The middle of the logo uses an on/off switch. Electric vehicles turn on and off via cables so it was important to show the connection with the function of the electricity. Our cable protectors make sure you can turn your EV on any time!


3. C is for Chargur

We strongly believe in product innovation and intellectual protection so we wanted to have "copyright" in the design. It also represents "C" in our name "Chargur".


4. Sun

This one is easy, the outside of the design is a sun! In an ideal world all the energy charging EVs would come from renewable sources like solar energy. Coming from Australia we are blessed with this clean energy source.


5. Sustainable Development Goal

We were not aware of this one until we began using the United Nations Sustainable Goals for our sustainability initiatives, this is Goal 7 "Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all".  We like to think great minds think alike?