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Ray connected to Tesla

charging, covered

Safe and Simple cable protection anywhere

Portable Portable
Take anywhere to protect cables and reduce tripping hazards.
Expandable Expandable Expands to any length using interlocking connections.
Visible VISIBLE High vis colours and circular head make the design hard to miss.
Durable DURABLE Reduce trips and  protect cables with a robust slip resistant design.

Frunk friendly

Unlike traditional bulky cable covers our design is completely portable, that can stored easily at home or on the road. In fact it's "Frunk Friendly" with a bag available that is no larger than a pizza box. So you can easily take it anywhere.
Ray Bag Opened

Infinite expansion

Our registered design expands to any length and can be purchase in standard lengths of 1.2 meters and 2.1 meters. 

Take trips don't make them

Strong, lightweight and flexible materials protect cables from impacts as well as reducing tripping hazards. With a unique textured design to reduce slipping.
Foot on Chargur Ray
No tripping on footpath
Avoid legal action

Did you know?

  • Lightweight but strong polyurethane material
  • Rugged texture to reduce slips
  • Designed for EVS from the ground up
  • Can be used for all cables and water hoses
  • Complete design fits in a convenient bag 
  • Expands to any size
  • Available in sizes of 1.2 meters or 2.1 meters
  • Highly visible design

Perfect for home...

Perfect for home...

If you're creating hazards in your driveway or need to occasionally charge while travelling, our cable protectors are perfect to prevent trips and cable damage.

At work cables can be a liability for employers and employees. Our cable protectors can be taken anywhere or stored and your work place.



It's not always possible to park directly in front of charging stations. We have have you covered by protecting cables and people in public spaces.
Works with Type 1 and 2 charging cables.

Protecting all EV brands


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